Family Bible Study Help: My First Hands-On Bible, from Group and Tyndale Kids

The Main Idea: Though titled for preschoolers, My First Hands-On Bible is, actually, a great Bible Story teaching resource for families with young kids. It contains 85 stories, in the New Living Translation, canvassing the Old and New Testaments–along with illustrations, simple in-story interest grabbing activities, optional added crafts or reinforcing activities, and application questions. The Good: This is a simple and easy to use tool that can go a [&hellip

Book Review: Shift, by Brian Haynes

The Main Idea: The ministries of the church must partner with and equip families for discipleship within the family. Here are clearly defined and simple principles and processes, called Legacy Milestones, that Bryan Haynes implemented in his home and church to accomplish that goal. The Good: This book is concise, clear, thorough, and practical in laying out a strategy for the church to equip and encourage parents for family ministry. [&hellip

Book Review: Think Orange, by Reggie Joiner

The Main Idea: In Think Orange, Joiner makes the case for churches and families to join together to lead their children spiritually, then continues in the text to give various methodologies and strategies for forming an “Orange” merger of the church with the family for a more powerful ministry to kids (10-11). The Good: This book headlines the current drive in churches to prioritize encouraging and equipping families for ministry. [&hellip

Book Review: Age of Opportunity, by Paul Tripp

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